I'm thinking of replacing my muff pi with something smaller and more tone options. My first choice is the Musket from blackout. I just want to know if there's anything ever so slightly cheaper but with a similar setup (vol, gain, 3 band eq).
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Way Huge Swollen Pickle? It doesnt have the 3 band but it has other things; Crunch, mid scoops
Arc Effects Green Russian
Anarchy Audio Vagiant
EQD Hoof

None of them have the EQ but they are awesome Muff variants
Not much will top the musket though, considering you want the EQ etc. Tried and tested awesome pedal.
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About the only thing that can top the musket for the flexibility in its eq is an Earthbound Audio Super Collider. And good luck finding one of those these days.
I've got a swollen pickle up for sale if you're interested

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