So I have a few crappy guitars lying around that I don't play anymore (a squier strat, a Les Paul copy,etc.). My band has started playing more bluesy music and I thought it might be fun to try to raise the action on one of them, put some new pickups in it, tune it to open tuning, and turn it into a guitar I could strictly use for slide (to wear, not to sit on my lap).

I know nothing on modding guitars so I'd love to get some input.

1) How high should I raise the action?
2) What type of pickups would be good for a bluesy slide sound?
3) What gauge strings should I use?
4) Anything else you would recommend?
1. Depends a bit on the radius of the neck. If you have a fairly flat radius you can get away with quite a low action if you are gentle. On a small radius neck like an old Tele you need to raise the action a bit more. It's mostly about technique though, you just have to experiment and see what suits you.

2. That's a matter of taste. I like a P90 sort of sound (I am going more for a Rose Tattoo type of tone) and get pretty damn close with Seymour Duncan Quarter pounders on my Tele. Well, in the bridge anyway, not that impressed by the QP tele neck pup. I'm considering trying a hot rails in there. It doesn't really matter though, Wellsey (rose Tattoo's slide guitarist) didn't have a neck pup on his tele, just a P90 in the bridge.

3. Again, up to taste. I use 10's but am considering going to 11's so I don't have to be as careful with my slide. I tend to play it like a normal guitar in open tuning at times though so I don't want to go too heavy because I am prone to tendinitis.

4. If you are new at slide I recommend starting with a glass slide. They are lighter and easier to use because of that. Once you are proficient move on to steel or brass or whatever takes your fancy, I use steel.
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