I'm basically just taking a cable out of the effects send of my JCM 2000 head into my interface, and then putting a patch cable in the return to block the signal from reaching the cabinet. My biggest problem now is a strange fluttery, almost whistle like sound that I keep getting anytime i turn the Presence setting past 5. I've never heard it do this before, and it still isn't doing it when i use the amp normally. My other issue is more concerned with the other end of things, which is basically that the waveforms I'm getting from recording with the impulses are very very flat looking, especially compared to some of the other guitar I've tracked in the project with no amp modeling. If anybody has advice on either of these things, that'd be awesome
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I'm no tech but if no sound is getting to your speakers doesn't that mean that your amp load isn't going anywhere?

In regards to the flat signal in your DAW, I have a similar issue. The signal that comes out of the effects send/line out is quite small, I usually boost it at my interface but I also like to throw a clean power amp VST on top of the signal to boost it