Hey all,
I have a dynamic mic that's probably not flat, sounds like there's a boost in the mid range. It's one of those cheap Apex mics from Long and McQuade.
Anyway, on the mic my voice sounds like trash, when recorded directly from mixer to computer. It's sounds like I'm raising my soft palatte too much, although it doesn't sound like that when running the mic from mixer to speakers/monitors, or using a built in laptop mic or camera mic, and I've been told it's not what I sound like in person.
Is it because of the mic? I've been told there's a nasal sound if I point the mic upwards, a bit directed to my nose (which I do, not on purpose) maybe it's that? Or is it just me?
What mic would you recommend under $60 (condenser preferably, I'd like to try something different) used?


Edit: I will record a sound clip soon so you can critique my voice and decide whether or not it's the mic.
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