Okay heres the issue. I will most likely be playing in two bands soon however they are on what seems like completely opposite ends of the genre spectrum. Right now im in a post-hardcore "BroOtalZz" band and there is significant talk about starting another band. i guess the closest genre i could label what the sound we will be going for is, is kinda post-rock with some grungy stuff throw in and many melodic hardcore nuances. Kinda like a Balance and Composure type of guitar sound.

basically i want a 5150 and i have a chance at getting a 5152 at a pretty cheap price. however im having a hard to convincing myself it can pull it off. For the heavy stuff i'd be crazy to have any worry in the world about it. however i cant tell whether it can pull off a modern grungy or ambient tone. The sad thing is i used to use these things all the time. so much so i practically remember my favorite settings in my head. however i've never sat down and tried to fish this kinda sound out of it. Im not even worried about the cleans. My only other thought was a dual rec, or a tremoverb of some sorts.

Heres the sound im trying to go for.

Any help is awesome thanks guys!
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Well..a 5153 50W (or big brother) could nail those sounds you're looking for without a doubt.
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