Hello my friends! I left my suit and my office environment to live with my music 6 years ago. I share with you a video that took a moment of life that comforts me in this choice.

I hope this video will give you the smile, she gave it to me , is why i share it !

Shortly after our duo concert on stage, we did an impro with Francois Sciortino on one of my original and a Daft punk piece

Meetings, sharing, happiness, for me music is life and with great meetings !

Good listenning my friends

A photo is here , who I think , sums up what should be always like this, enjoy life : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fb...type=1&theater

I'm sharing my videos here since 3years in few times , thank you very much for your responses and your help , with the forum i improved my playing and i'm trying to keep improvements

So thank you for everything and hope you'll pass a good time with smile !