Hi, I made a mod on my strat-like guitar following this tutorial:
[forbidden link]
[forbidden link]
The point is that the combinations of bridge+neck in series is not hum cancelling.
In fact, it has a bit more hum than a single pickup alone.
With this mod there is a position mid+bridge in parallel + neck in series, which is not hum cancelling as well.
The situation is not the same in the case of neck+middle in series - fat tonel, and no hum as expected.
Haven't tried with mid+bridge, the mod cannot do it with 1 switch only.
Could it be something like, that the mid pickup is not in phase with the the bridge and neck?
The sound with all the combinations is pretty fat, not thin, but bridge + neck produces hum.
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That is exactly it and exactly how Fender and everybody else has been making them practically since they started using the 5-way switch.

The middle pickup is wound in the opposite direction to the bridge and neck pickup. This way when you engage the middle and one of the other pickups you get a virtual humbucking effect. Otherwise you would just get increased hum, as you have found with the bridge and neck engaged.
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