Tried half heartedly selling these a long time ago, but since buying an EVH 5150 I definitely need the space so these need to go quickly!

Randall RH50T Head

Power: 50W Tube (4 and 8ohm outputs)
Channels: 2

Excellent for the price, geared towards distortionists, especially rock and metal. The cleans are ok, not brilliant but that's not what this amp is about. If you're into rock/metal then this amp is for you. I have found this amp to be really good at bedroom levels too. Reverb seems to have stopped working, no idea why. Comes with a footswitch.

Review can be found here: [forbidden link]

£170 ono Collected from CR5 (Googling shows new ones for sale at £544!)


Marshall MC212 2x12 cab

Base Cabinet Type
130W RMS
Impedance Mono: 4ohms
Impedance Stereo: 8ohms

£100 Collected from CR5

Would rather sell together, so Will do both for £230. Grab yourself a bargain - a hell of a lot of noise for not very much!
Dont suppose you would consider posting the head?
I shouldn't post when drunk..

15 Jackson SLATHX-m 3-7 Slime green
Squier std tele (modded to hell)

Engl Powerball
Laney Ironheart 60h
Zilla Superfatboy 2x12 v30's


I didn't want to run the risk of it being damaged in transit, but if you are willing to take the risk, etc. then postage could be arranged, however I will need to find a suitable box/packaging first. Will get it weighed up/priced and get back to you. Cheers.