Hey everyone,

I strolled into a small guitar store in Germany the other day and was VERY happy to see an Orange standing in the corner, trying to seduce me I've been an Orange fan for years but never had the chance to play one, as most guitar stores here don't have them in stock.

The amp itself was a Tiny Terror head with 212 cab underneath.
I took a Les Paul, gave it a spin and WOW, exactly my kind of sound Warm, organic and simple to dial out a great sound. I have a Fender BDRI as my main amp atm because it's a good clean sheet for pedals. However I find the BDRI ridiculously loud (due to wrong volume pots/tapers I heard) and actually of not much use in a home situation. Of course tube amps are always loud and for a long time, I thought I had to settle for a SS amp at home.

What struck me was that this wasn't the case with the TT. Playing with the gain and MV I could dial great sounds at surprisingly low volumes even for bedroom playing. Now my question is if this applies to the entire Orange range - and especially the AD30 and OR15/50. Higher watts but usually 15 watts isn't exactly "quiet" either now is it?

Side note: my ultimate goal would be to AB a nice thick Orange with a Vox AC15/30. Anyone else thinking this might be tone heaven?

I don't see a question.
15 watts is pretty quiet for general practice use.

Any valve amp within reason is going to be quite loud though.

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I think I read somewhere that Orange measures their wattage on the clean channel (instead of the Distortion/OD channel that most companies do), so you actually get more on the OD channel (British thing?).

I could be totally wrong about this though.

EDIT: On topic, yeah. That would probably be a sick tone combination.
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Yeah I have to admit that was too much info and not enough question asking

It just struck me that the Tiny Terror has a very versatile volume range - from very quiet and still overdriven (preamp overdrive) to pretty loud-ish for rehearsals and small gigs as long as you don't need the headroom. In my experience that's quite unique, since most tube amps I've played had the tendency to blow out all the windows in my appartment before you get anything decent-sounding.

However the TT lacks an FX loop and in general I'm more fond of the OR15/50 and AD30. My question is if this versatile volume range (= decent tone at very low volume) applies to Orange in general. I would hate me buying an OR15 head and then concluding that it's just as useless at home as my BDRI is.

I hope that makes sense, thanks for the reply though
The Tiny Terror is designed for being small, and to sound good at low volumes (if the tone is your thing... I didn't like the Tiny Terror I tried a few years back). If you're really not certain, you should at least try other Orange amps... they aren't all voiced exactly the same.

If you are having trouble finding them, I'm limited in what I can help with, but I remember there is (or used to be) a huge music shop in Cologne on several floors, and I'm sure they had Orange amps in there at the time - if they're really so hard to find where you live, maybe take a day trip there after double-checking they stock Orange through their website (will try and find it for you).

Edit: I believe it may have been this place, if they have a proper shop as well as the warehouse - here's their amplifier webpage, and does include Orange: link.

Edit2: Yep, it's the right place, this is the street view from what I remembered...

...but they seem to have moved to a new place, in the 'Kalk' area of Cologne?
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
Hey Goliath,

I sure think the Tiny Terror is an acquired taste, it's not exactly the brightest of amps and not too versatile (in tone that is) either. Definitely wanna try the OR15 and AD30 - I think I'll find more use for one of these but you're right in that I should really try them all before I buy.

Actually I've heard lots of positive things about Music Store in Cologne. It's pretty well known here (I'm from Belgium myself) but I've never been there myself. This might be the ideal occasion
Still a 2,5 hour drive but... judging from the size of that thing I think it'll be worth it. The misses won't mind - I'll drop her off in the nearest clothing store

Thanks for the helpful replies everyone!

No problem, and I assumed you were in Germany because you mentioned being in a German music shop the other day At least you are near the border though, by the sound of it - are you near the Ruhr valley? I've been over that way twice before and liked it there, although I think I prefer Bavaria a little.

It was great when I went there, but it looks like they've moved to an even bigger store so that should be great fun! Maybe you could trick her by buying her a purple/pink plectrum or something?
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
If you're from Belgium, check out Keymusic. Competitive pricing with the German stores and they stock every amp Orange makes, I think. Just check the site to see where they are actually in the store. Sint-Niklaas is the largest store and I think they have about everything on stock.