Nice tone, and nice playing, I think ya might be to heavy on the gain in some parts, angus doesnt use much gain, just a lot of volume and hard picking. most people try to compensate by using more gain. But thru the verses you have to much. The guitar is a little loud int he mix. I can hardly hear vocals. Zoom out a little more next time. The solo was a bit sloppy. I think thats the fact your using active pick ups and a load of gain.

The angus tone is Marshall to old sg with low out put pick ups. very similar to the jimmy page tone.

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Too much gain, not enough attack with the pick. Gotta get the attitude with the right hand right, Malcolm has one of the best right hands in rock music so you have some big shoes to fill.
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I second and Third the too much gain, Angus uses deceptively low gain on his recordings, perhaps less gain and more compression to tighten up the less "gainy" sound. I love the inlays on that guitar! also I hear a frequency during your playing that is too present (I don't have golden ears to tell you that frequency lies on the eq spectrum). But making a notch, raising it above baseline and sweeping up and down the mid and treble frequencies will bring it out, the you can lower it a couple dB's below baseline to get rid of it.

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