She must go!

I'm raising money for my final year in Uni so I'm downgrading a lot of my music gear.

This is a used 20th anniversary PRS Standard 24, in charcoal (satin finish). From a distance it looks matte black but when the light hits it right you can see the spectacular darkened wood grain, a beautiful finish! It's my main gigging guitar and has been for a couple of years. Its tonal range is unbelievable. My set lists include songs like Boys Are Back In Town all the way to My Girl. With the three way switch and push pull coil splitting I can achieve the correct tones really easily.

The playability is un-parralleled. PRS didn't get their reputation for nothing! It's easy to pick up and play, a real workhorse. It has never let me down when recording and playing live and I'll be sad to let it go.

I bought it used for £1,300 and it had belt buckle marks and a scratch on the side of the guitar (just under the strap pin). In my time It's seen a few miles so it has picked up dings and marks along the way (Hence low selling price). Nothing noticeable and obviously doesn't affect tone!

Based in Nottingham. Can arrange a courier if need be. The original hard case is very battered so I will send with a new hard case!