I know this has many flaws and is a bit far from completion, but still wanna hear some opinions on it before moving forward. For bar 51-59, I've just put some random notes there because I'm planning to write a solo there, don't take that part seriously!

C4C if needed
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first off you forgot te switch off the metronome ,

here's my crit

eerie sound , kinda interesting stuff.

awsome when the ambient comes in , your sound is pretty good , i like it

break at 35 is pretty cool , i suggest to push the volume up a bit of the rhytm guitar section.

bar 67 , crappy sound , use pick up and down and it will sound a lot more dynamic , i love the weird little melodies throughout i must say

bar 96

ok something sounds off , either the ambient or the guitars or a combination of those , it doesnt sound clear but a little muddy.

i must say it was kinda awesome , but at the same time it sounded more like an instrumental than a song with lyrics to me. and id suggest playing around with the volumes a bit for sometimes its very different in a certain part of the song.


can you crit Unsung Heroes ? its in my sig
I definitely like it. The only thing I dislike are the lead synth parts, like that at the very beginning. The guitar parts are much better.

first off you forgot te switch off the metronome

It was switched off for me, so I guess it depends if you turn it on, not the song author.
Quote by MobiuZ

first off you forgot te switch off the metronome ,

That would be you who forgot to turn it off.
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