I'm looking at covering the pickups on my guitar with chrome covers.
Been reading and watching videos online, just wondering if there's a specifc silicone I should use or if the general silicone sealant will do.

Humbuckers are encased in wax under the cover. Fill the cover with molten wax and set the pickup down inside it, let it fully harden, and spot-solder the edges to the pickup bracket.
UCK!!! Don't DO that.

I know we've seen some crappy Epiphone pickups done like that, but it's not considered good form.

If you're going to "pot" the pickup, read up on how to do that correctly (you're going to want to let the pickup sit in the paraffin/beeswax (no cover!) and then drain/shake off the excess and scrap away the stuff on the bobbins).

If you're not going to pot the pickups, then don't bother with the wax at all.

Next step -- you're going to put a dab (just a dab) of any ordinary clear silicone caulk on the bobbin, put the cover on over that (it will mash the blob of caulk a bit) and spot solder (ONE spot) the long edges to the bracket.

The spot of silicone is there only to prevent the cover from vibrating against the bobbin and setting up a strange, howling feedback.
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Just go get a block of wax from a hobby store, they sell a ton of it for making candles for pretty cheap.
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