Hey guys, as the title says this song just spits Djent out left and right. This song is heavily influenced by Bulb's solo work, specifically the song Strizzwald. Let me know what you think, what could be added, how's the production, etc. As you can tell by the ending I intend to either continue the song or or have it lead into another song, so any direction where to go with that would be cool

Also the title is deliberately ridiculous and means absolutely nothing

I will C4C guaranteed, thanks for listening!
Music must be honest to be timeless.
tbh man, this isnt very djent-like until about 1:51. its also very repetitive, not to sound like a dick. this would make a great groove metal song though. could use more variation and high notes,as apposed to just low chugging

if you really want to return the favor, critique some of my tabs in the tabs and chords section
I really liked it, especially around the 1:50 mark. I'm not really someone who listens to a lot of djent (a little Periphery and AAL) so don't take this seriously if I'm wrong :P but I do agree with the previous reviewer that it's not necessarily 'djent' in the beginning. However, I don't usually classify subgenres very strictly. It sounds good and flows together well. Only thing is, are you considering adding vocals? If so, I'd make it a little longer. Not much. Also, if you aren't, it would be cool to add a simple melody line during the second 'verse', or maybe extend the second solo. Great job!

I'd appreciate a c4c if you get a chance. This is my first original. Please be brutally honest with your feedback! Thanks!

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