do we ever see it coming, can we ever match our dreams
when everything is crumbling, when we're tearing at the seams
the monsters arent in closets or crouched beneath the bed
theyre as real as we imagine and theyre deep within our heads
they haunt my waking hours, they chase away my sleep
and the harder that i fight them the further i fall beneath
haunted by the memories of each mistake ive made
when every bad decision is another debt to pay

judgement only matters if revenge is all we taste
we're just lifetimes of errors with precious time to play
and it really doesnt matter how many mistakes we make
you cant teach an old dog tricks if its already had it's day
so do our fantasies outlive us or do we die still wanting more
does it end before we're ready, or are we all accounted for
with our young hearts beating savagely do we go without a fight
so willingly, so easily before the morning light...
“I smoke. If this bothers anyone, I suggest you look around at the world in which we live and shut your f*ckin' mouth.” RIP