Hey guys. I have a Epi G400 SG Les Paul Custom that I'm looking to swap out two humbuckers in. The only issue is it's a triple humbucker (I will be disconnecting the middle), and the knob setup is 3 volume and 1 tone. I'm looking to put SD SH-8 Invaders in it and I've contacted Seymour Duncan about it and they said pretty much rig it up as if it were 2 volume and 2 tone, and just use an extra 047 capacitor on it. That's pretty much as far as I've gotten, I've done pickup swaps in cheaper guitars before and have never had to use capacitors, can someone help me out/walk me through this so I can get it done !?


- Chiplin
It's just a little item you put between a lug of a potentiometer and a ground point. As long as you're able to follow wiring diagrams, and you order a capacitor, you'll be fine.
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So I pretty much just solder it onto a pot and one of the points that are attached to the side of it ? Does it make sense that they told me to use and extra one on the spare volume knob ? Or should I only need one ?