So I was digging through youtube, looking for others who have and play my ESP LTD H401-FM with coil-tapped Duncans (Jazz in the neck, Custom-5 in the bridge). I found two videos. Just two (here's one of 'em, by the guys at Anderton's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lhwrQ0RFpE)! So I went to see if the guitar was still selling, and I guess it was discontinued because all the retail sites i could find it at listed it as sold out. My question to you all is: What happened to this model? Also, if you own one as well, I'd love to hear from you, just so I can see how many others play the same axe as me.

Many thanks.
Probably dropped because of redundant models. It's essentially the same product as the Schecter Blackjack ATC C-1. I'm guessing that the parent company decided it wasn't cost effective to make the same guitar with slightly different inlays and logos.