I noticed two separate cracks on the neck of my Ibanez guitar. The cracks are on the back of the neck coming vertically off either side of the head. The guitar is about 3 years old. I was wondering if it was just a finish crack or if it could be something more serious. I've had it at the beach so the temperature has changed from being outside in the heat to the air conditioning inside. I also just changed the strings about a week ago. Could this have something to do with it. Any answers are great. I just want to know what the cracks could be. I love this guitar and hope nothing is seriously wrong. Thanks!!!
The two sides of the headstock are likely separate pieces. It's possible that those glue joints may be failing.

It's very wasteful to expect that the neck be made in one piece, especially with a headstock as wide as Ibanez uses. In fact, the break away angle of the headstock is created by sawing the neck blank off at an angle, then gluing it back together in reverse.

Disclaimer: With no photos or experience with your particular Ibanez model, (whatever that may be), the foregoing was pure guess work.
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