Very cool a few seconds in and I'm hooked. It definitely has that post grunge tone, and feel, and then the vocals come in and they have a slightly Tool tone to them.

I don't really much to say as far as a critque, but maybe around the 2:37 mark where the riff changes, maybe it could start, shit how do say this, I'm such a ****** when it comes to proper musical terms. Okay. . .

When the riff changes, I think it should have more space, like a riff, riff, mute, and then build into more strumming after the first measure. Does that make sense, basic building on different strumming rhythms of the same riff. And maybe a bit more palm mute on the riff when the vocals kick in.

This is just how I would like to hear it, it's a certain cookie cutter approach honestly, but I think it would be helpful to play around with the dynamics of this piece further.

Also the tones are slightly muddy, it's a bit hard to hear the instruments individually later in the song.

Great intro though cool solo, and really solid vocal work, love the song. Would like to see lyrics.

if you could
"Pain or damage don't end the world nor despair, nor fuckin' beatings. The world ends when you're dead, until then you have more punishment in store. Stand it like a man, and give some back."
Critting as I listen.
That clean tone mixes excellently with the overdriven guitar IMO.
Like the other posters mentioned, vocals are very 'Tool'. They seem a little too dry for the mix though and could use a slight warming up. Either that or you could EQ the guitars to kind of 'surround' them a little better as them seem to just sit on top of the music.
The solo tones are fantastic, favorite part of the song right there.
That synth like sound near the end seems really out of place, perhaps it could be a little quieter and have a more gradual fade in.
Overall it is really good man, keep it up.

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I agree, the clean and distorted guitars are mixed very well. This can be said for the whole song though, sounds very professional. I like the feel of the song too - very laid-back and at the same time the atmosphere is somehow tense. I think that 2:37 - 2:47 works well enough as a "riff-changer". The solo is very psychedelic - sweet tone! Maybe you can add a slower part after the solo and then get back to the main melody. The synth was nice surprise. Quality song!

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