Hello everybody:

I'm new here: I've got an important question. I'm going to buy my first acoustic guitar and I'm doubting between these two:

Tanglewood TGRSF CE VS

Tanglewood TW28 CSN CE

In my local store the're both in the same range of prices (300-400 euros)so there is no price issue. The problem comes with the sound and bass in the super folk one.

I'm afraid it's going to be too low, is it really that noticeable? I had the chance of trying both of them and I didn't find a big difference, but I'm a little noob.

One question more, the quality of the woods is also better?

Thanks a lot, see ya
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these are both solid top, laminate back and sides guitars, and quality should be about equal between them. if you feel that one has too much bass for your tastes, just buy the other one, although the right strings can tame too much bass - we use DR rare phosphor bronze to tame the boominess while still leaving enough bass, although i'd still use a less bassy guitar for recording. me, i love lots of bass, and so do lots of other players, but i also love the sound of a cedar top, which the TW28 CSN CE has.

these guitars being equal in quality, the only question is which one do you like better.
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Thanx! Just one more question. Could I do it the other way, having strings that would get more sound out of the guitar? Sincerely, I prefer the looks of these smaller guitars, but I find that that less volume could be a handicap. I want a complete guitar, and I have the fear that this SuperFolk size of guitar could not reach those expectations in the long run.

I've played it and liked it, but still I have these prejudices

heavier strings can mean more tone and a little more volume, but it depends on what strings are on the guitar - most have lights, which are 12s - and whether the manufacturer rates their guitars for 13s. if you go above the manufacturer's rating, you risk damaging the guitar.

one of the reasons people prefer all solid guitars when they can afford them is that sometimes they're louder. that being said, the guitars are acoustic electrics. if you need to be louder than the guitar you get's natural voice, why not just plug in?
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I just looked in my Oxford English Dictionary and under "Acoustic Guitar", there was your Avatar and an email address!
patti's advice is always good.
just a friendly piece of advice on an overlooked possible problem with the thicker strings, they do tend to make playing them more difficult. you mentioned being new at it and the lighter the string gauge, the less pressure is needed.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Guitars with a pinched waist, tend to have a little more detail in the bass, and a little less volume and boom.

Even jumbo bodies, which normally have a ton of bass, offer better detail and control than dreadnoughts.

I'm a big fan of plugging in and EQing until I get the sound I want. You should be able to push 6 to 8 dbs of bass boost in with the guitar preamp, before it starts to sound flabby or fake.

As a general rule, you should have a very heavy pick attack, and exceptional hand strength to use a medium or heavy string st on an acoustic guitar. For some insight into that, I think Pete Townshend used to use .013 to .056 on his guitars.
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