Mt friend/singer is super talented when it comes to vocals. Me an a group of guys inclluding the singer have been in on talk of starting a band and have already gotten together a few times this summer. Thing is 8/10 times it ends up being me and my friend paul who plays bass. I want devon to be around more often cause he's super good at singing thing is is he classifies himself as more mainstream and me more like sophisticated and my gut says he is unconfident when it comes to writing lyrics to my songs (writing in genreal right now hes just got his vocal chops down) If he is a music type of kid like he says he is, what is it going to take for him to grow up and be able to express himself lyrically? Writers and lyricists, please elaborate. Also check out the link to some of his covers


Why don't you just write lyrics to your songs?
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rody from protest the hero didn't write lyrics until their third album. the bassist handled them, and honestly did an incredible job. writing vocals is more about the phrasing than the words, honestly, and you can make incredibly clever lyrics sound mediocre or an ABAB love song sound profound with proper phrasing and delivery.
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