Main problem:

I've tried unplugging all mics from the interface and turning down all input knobs to 0, but it seems the unit itself is still producing a static that when turned up loud enough, sounds like an amp buzzing from an unplugged instrument.

Background info:

I have been recording successfully through my Omega into Cubase 5 on Windows 8 for some time now until last night. I hoped the problem would go away when I turned the computer back on today but it didnt.

There's noticeable static in my recordings that wasn't there even yesterday.

I can hear the static in my headphones when I turn up the output volume and turn the monitor mix knob until it's 100% output and no input.

If you have any insight, please share as I would like to continue work on the song I have in progress ASAP.
Have you tried using different headphones or monitors/speakers?
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i have had similar problems with the lexicon series. i ended up just going with another manufacturer cuz i chalked it up to cheap preamps and A/D/A
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Yes, I've tried multiple headphones and the problem seems to occur before the headphones. If I record a test track with none plugged in at all I still get the static.


Given that it was fine up until all the sudden, is it plausible that something just went in it? I dont really know much about the inner workings of these things.
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