So I got my speakers on an (stereo)amp, and my amp splits L and R separately out by RCA cables.

I got an L/R RCA connector to 1 single stereo 3.5mm jack into computer.

Now my audio out is handles through the computer.

Obviously I want to use the output of my interface, but they are grouped as mono-outs.

So what would be best to do, cabling wise?

Find 2 separate RCA to TRS jack cables?

EDIT Alt.:

I use a receiver, because I use my speakers for multiple outputs (vynyl player, another computer), and other stuff where I don't want to put the computer on for in order too use interface.

I have a RCA L & RCA R (two ends) to Stereo 3.5 mm jack. Could I put a converter single to double TRS on the single ended 3.5 mm Jack end?


..Use above mentioned 2 separate RCA - TRS jacks?

2nd EDIT;

My interface also has s/pdif out, maybe that can connect to my receiver? but how's the quality?
Or something different/better.

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