Another "what guitar" thread
Thanks a lot in advance.

Budget? - 300$

Favorite Artists? - I want a guitar mainly for playing some folk, classic rock or pop-rock but also now and then metal.

Preferences? -
shape: I don't care about shape at all but I'll play mostly in sitting position(maybe no V then).
neck: I have a very crappy Epiphone Les Paul Special II but I like the neck of that guitar. I would consider it as small.
Brand: I had bad experiences with Dean. Would like to avoid them if possible. Also no Epiphone.
Frets: 22+

Pickups? - If possible no active PUs.

New or Used? - Used! I don't need to get that guitar fast.

Location? - South of Germany

Current Gear? - Epiphone Les Paul Special II --> Peavey vypyr tube 60 or using my interface.

Hope I didn't miss anything relevant. I'll update this Thread as soon as possible if necessary.
If you're willing to go up to $400, I have seen some Gibson SG Special Fadeds go that low used (even $350). Those guitars cover a fair amount of ground; I've seen them handle pop as easily as metal.

If $300 is the highest you're willing to go, I'd check out Fender's Blacktop or Modern Player series - the Modern Player models often go for $250-300 used, and while the Blacktops often go for up to $400, it's not hard to find them for as low as $300. Both series are aimed at players who want a heavier sound than Fender normally offers, but they're hardly one-trick heavy metal ponies.
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