So I was practicing as I usually do on my acoustic earlier and my brothers told me that they hate what I play because I practice it too much.

Personally I have my guitar tuned to CGCGGC for some Ben Howard stuff mainly and i've been pretty much stuck with playing that for the past month or so.

I don't know if its a skill to be able to play the same thing over and over many times without getting bored or annoyed with it.

Just wondering if anyone HAS grown to hate something they were learning though.
They can go **** themselves . To get good you have to practice. If your playing is loud or too public, maybe schedule it more, or play quietly. But if you're keeping to yourself and being as respectful as you can, then there's not much you can do. Alternatively, take the opportunity to compose some toons yourself with the new tooning. Just use the same chords you've learned, mix it up, and add your own little flair.

Get good at improvising in it, and maybe that'll help both you and them?

And yeah, some songs which I've had to endlessly play for performances and/or qualifications have become almost mimetic. My friend and I shudder when we hear Killing Floor for example.
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Its not a problem really, I was just wondering about other people and their practicing and I do improvise and try and discover new stuff