Posting something other than Jazz this time AGAIN, this little album runs at roughly 8 minutes now, but contains only 7 songs this time, although you could probably classify them as more than that. It's still shorter than many stuff that gets posted on here, anyways. This one took a little longer to write, rather 16 instead of 12 hours as in the one before. This is much like a continuation of the first album, but I think it is a little bit more varied perhaps, and as before, contains not only full-on hardcore punk bursts, but also melodic parts. I think it adapted a kind of Neo-Crust edge to it, perhaps? Still, there won't be any screaming on this one either.

Here's the link to the old one, if you feel the need to listen to it again before listening to the new one: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1584089

This song is not intended to be listened with RSE on.
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This is not really a style of music I enjoy so keeping that in mind...

I thought the build-up to song 2 was pretty interesting

bars 395-400 chords reminded me of Opeth's The Drapery Falls intro

Overall it seems nicely composed to me