new to the forum. anyone know if a download or a app exists for a tab maker? what I mean is you play a mp3 or whatever and it turns it into tab? I can create tab and use BestPractice to slow things down. but wondered if a devise could turn the solo you are learning into tab after it is played through it?
Yeah people have made such things but not for a ipod or anything like that. nor are they accurate at all. your better off tabbing by ear and getting the good ear training from it.
trust me its well worth the suffering to tab out a song by ear.
Even developing something that can recognize notes will soon run into problems. I know there is software which can recognize/guess chords "ok", but it will screw up on anything other than very simple songs.

-Solos: Background instruments with similar pitch will interfere.
-BPM combined with either time signature or tempo changes, there is no way the software can generate proper durations or know when the next measure is
-Bends/wide vibrato or whammy usage would confuse the heck out of it
-Fretting will be all over the place, it already is in the best current software while importing MIDI and you'll have to do it manually
-Custom tunings/(partial) capos

These are just some things I could think of off the top of my head - it's just not gonna happen. Musician-software developers will understand that many of these things can't be coded and it simply can't become a good product. I'm sure a few have tried and then realized this and dumped the project.

Only people can make good tabs/transcriptions, it will stay like that. It's not just music, just look at what a complete mess Youtube Automatic Captions are, which has been in the works for several years.