So here's the deal. I've been playing for about 8 months now, and there are days when my picking is superior and I play awesome, and then again, there are days where my picking and fretting hand are way out of sync. What's with that? Yes I know it depends a bit on the mood and wish to play the instrument, and right now I wish to play the shit out of the guitar, I just can't. And I practice every freaking day out there and spend minimum 1 hour with my guitar. I try but it just doesn't seem to be working. And the days when I'm great, I just cannot believe I'm that great at playing. I can play the first part of turkish march without a single note out of place at the original speed. What's up with that guys? Can somebody explain me what's going on with me? Does this happen to everybody? And is the difference between being the best and worst so big as it is to me? It's like I'm on a whole other level... Share your experience please

Also I wanna note, there are days when I can play some songs good, and other can't, and there are days when the whole thing goes vice versa. I ****ing stink at the songs I've mastered, and at the others, I'm pretty good
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Everyone has off days.
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Everyone has off days.

Every other day to me is off. Only 1 or 2 days a week I feel happy with what I accomplished with my 8 months of killing myself playing the guitar
i think everyone goes through this. it's just because you're not that good yet. what you're seeing is how good you could realistically get in a short period of time from now, but you have to become aware of everything you're doing, and remember to replicate that. next time you get a good streak, pay attention to the details - did the pick slip into a different position that makes it easier to play? what muscles are you tensing up in order to play so well?
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Also, it could be more of how you play. if you find that you're playing with a lot of tension in your hands, then it's doing you more harm than good. Even if you think that you play fast with the tension, it's better to play slowly and build your speed up than to be fast for a day or two, then not be able to play very good for awhile. And if you play with heavy tension long enough you'll get severe hand or arm injuries.
I was told give it 3 to 5 years and then it will be second nature. Of course your mileage will vary depending on quality time put in.
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Every other day to me is off. Only 1 or 2 days a week I feel happy with what I accomplished with my 8 months of killing myself playing the guitar

This is how I am. Some days I feel like I'm just terrible but I think its what others have said and that is perhaps you are just over thinking it now. I've noticed when I get that "sweet spot" in my playing that comes about once a week its because when I was playing I wasn't thinking "man I sound like shit right now" I was just playing and it felt good to just play.

Try just playing, don't even think if it sounds bad. Just play.
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its mainly your warm ups, but partly your technique. i remember the exact same thing man. I only felt good for the rest of the day if i'd had a good day at guitar.

Warm ups: minimum half an hour. Start off slow, do some big finger stretching chords to get the left hand going. Start of slowly alternate picking and then slowly build it up to a moderate (definitely not your maximum) tempo [B]without building tension to get the right hand going. Down and up a few times. Slowly start the 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-etc alternate picking runs up and down each string and build up the speed to get the sync between the hands going. No tension - it should feel like stretching after you wake up.

Technique: Tension may be causign your issue. Make sure your fast playing doesn't cause your fingers or wrist/forearm to ache. If they are you're doing them wrong. It might not seem like it'll ever be possible to play fast without tension but eventually you will be, and its easier to learn it now than having to unlearn and re-lean things later. Be honest with yourself. Pride might get in the way - you might not want to sacrifice 20bpm to go back and play the same line better you've just been playing but you need to get past that>

Then very soon you'll find yourself being able to play the same every day
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it takes more time to be really confident and be able to play at the drop of the hat consistently day after day.
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As others have said, this is common, and I believe that the best advice to give on this subject is that when you're having an off day, don't get annoyed that you're having an off day, instead, practice everything at a lower speed. Nowadays, I take those days as an opportunity to almost relearn everything, that way my on days are better, and my off days are less off. Really, while off days are natural, they are a hindrance, as they can come at the worst possible times, such as in studio, or on stage, so you need to make your off days as successful as you can.