I have tried many Amp sims (Logic, Guitar Rig, Pod Farm) and they all sould muddy. I am using a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB interface. When I Play the guitar clean into my DAW there is little to no high frequencies. The recording below show just how muddy it all sounds. Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks
This is a recording of me playing on Pod farm
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I have tried many Amp sims (Logic, Guitar Rig, Pod Farm) and they all sould muddy. I am using a Focusrite Saffire 6 USB interface. When I Play the guitar clean into my DAW there is little to no high frequencies. The recording below show just how muddy it all sounds. Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks
This is a recording of me playing on Pod farm

i agree, that is strange. seems like something is leaching your mids/highs, it shouldn't do that.

don't know what else to tell you though, maybe try another interface and isolate the problem?
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Hmm. Thats the only interface i have
I guess ill try the mic input on my laptop
Are you sure you don't have the Pad switch engaged? How do you have the interface set up?

That sound certainly isn't right. I know this is obvious, but have you played around with the EQ settings within the Amp Sims?
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It just sounds like there's too much gain. The signal just turns into a hissy fizz. It doesn't seem like highs are missing. A guitar direct won't have highs or lows for that matter.
That's strange. Is there any other input you can mess with other than your interface? Seems like it's your interface's problem. When you have a dry signal, you should hear exactly how your pickups sound without anything at all coloring them, which would have more high end than your clips show.

Hopefully you can fix your problem. I personally love amp sim software, a lot of software out there actually sounds a lot better than a physical modeling amp to me, or even some non modeling solid state amps and pedals. That's my opinion though.
Put up a recording without the amp sims, so we can see if your input signal is affected before PODFarm
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You had the amp's drive on 10 and the distortion pedal on 10? It still sounds fizzy and I'm guessing it's probably due to the distortion pedal. I would just look into the amps and pedals you're using. If you want heavy distortion, use a high gain amp model and don't use a distortion pedal.
Sounds like there's something affecting your signal. Are you sure that's 100% direct?
Are you using any IRs?

Your DI sounds fine to me.
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Too much gain, it's a solo'd guitar/not in a mix, and it sounds like you don't know how to EQ to what you want. Just being brutally honest

While none of them are amazing, all three of the amp sims you mention (I presume by 'Logic' you mean Amp Designer/Guitar Amp Pro in the latest few versions of Logic Pro?) are perfectly capable of results far better than this, and usable in a mix.

Edit: Just noticed your update post... you're using a distortion plug-in, or pedal? Now it sounds like you can't tune your guitar, and like the guitar is cheap/has horrible pick-ups.

Also, upload the DI to somewhere we can download it from and see what it sounds like when others play around with it, please.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
Im not great at EQing so if you have any tips that's be awesome
Thanks for all the help so far by the way
heres the link to a downloadable version to the DI clean guitar
DI Guitar (Downloadable)
Alright, this is only a 5 min job, but decided to very quickly run it through my go-to chain for DI'd guitars, then tweaked it a tiny bit because of all the low end in the guitar... by any chance do you have the neck pickup selected, and/or the relevant tone control on the guitar turned down?

Either way, here's what I ended up with - Link

Judge for yourself if it's an improvement, but I can't crank my speakers as it's 3:45am here

Edit: I left more low end in than you would use in a mix, only HPF'd at 100Hz-ish, because solo'd guitars that are 'mix ready' sound thin and horrible, if it's for a metal mix

And if you want to know the signal chain...
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
Wow! sounds so much better! I will try EQing the ways u guys recomended. Thanks a lot
Well, remember that every amp sim will sound different, so unless you're going to download what I'm using there (both LePou LE456 and LeCab are free, and if you search for 'catharsis s preshigh impulse response' on Google I'm sure you can find it too, it's also free, and Logic EQ works like any other parametric EQ, only it has a handy graphic display/frequency analyser) I don't recommend you do exactly what I did, but it should be a good starting point I suppose.

I normally don't have the 'Bright' switch of LE456 on, or the Contour (basically a presence control) control so high, but the DI was quite bassy. Make sure you have your bridge pickup selected and the tone control fully turned up, if you want a tight, cutting metal rhythm tone like most modern metal.

I basically just boosted the mids, as I always do if I want guitars to be present and strong in a mix, then rolled off the low end in the amp sim (then again, later, with the EQ plug-in) and boosted the highs a bit more with the 'Bright' switch and high setting for the Contour. Then in the Channel EQ I put a high pass filter on at around 100Hz, and boosted the mids again at 475Hz with a moderate Q factor, and finally made a wide-Q 1dB cut around 3.75kHz where the fizzy aspect of the high end was, to reduce it a bit.

When you EQ anything, try to think about what you're trying to achieve and what is stopping you getting there; if it's too bassy, roll off the low end; if you have some annoying fizz in the high end, find it and cut it; if you want more presence in the mids, boost them a tad if you have too.
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One thing I recommend is getting more familiar with the models. Different amps sound and feel different. You should experiment with all of them and their channels and figure out what you like. DisarmGoliath used an Engl model but you might also like a 5150, Rectifier, or Soldano. Just experiment. Try every amp available and mess with the EQ and gain controls to see what they're capable of. I wouldn't mess with the pedals just yet though.
Thanks so much for all the advice. It's really helpful. My tones already sound much better.
No problem, it's what we're here for And as JELIFISH19 said, just like real amps there are plenty of very different amp sims out there for you to try, including lots of 5150 variants out there.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
Yeah your DI doesn't sound too bad, so it seems like you're being weird with your settings.
I honestly don't like POD Farm. It's outdated amp simulation that's basically old POD models in software form instead of hardware. Some of it is ok, but obviously there's so much better options out there now.

Amplitube or Guitar rig will give you some better sounding amps, and Lepou stuff is amazing as well, though most of it is high gain stuff.

Try not to overdo settings, like people said, don't overkill your gain, it usually always should be below 75% if it's high gain.
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I'd advise using less gain, too.

Pulling out around 200-250 also helps get rid of a lot of mud.
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