Just read that Army of Anyone's song "It Doesn't Seem to Matter" is played in DAEAAC# tuning. Wondering what y'all would consider that, Dmaj7sus2? A/D? Certainly not Aadd11...

Closely related to a slightly more popular tuning DAEAAE, which to me seems more likely to be called Dsus2 than Asus4 since the D is in the bass.

Oh and save your dexterous fingers some trouble if you're just going to be a smart ass and say something about how it doesn't matter(no pun intended) or how the name of the tuning won't affect how you play, I know that, it's more of an avant garde question, theory for it's own sake or something.
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Dmaj7sus2 certainly sounds right-ish. It's just a bit too long for a name I think. Dsus2 tuning with major 7 flows better to my ears than Dmaj7sus2 tuning.
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Like A major/D? Though, I think it be called Amaj(add11), but you'd have to ask somebody with more knowhow than me.
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