What the **** and I supposed to say to this! Seriously, the only thing I can say is the vocals during the verse are buried to far in the mix, and there's a bit to much emphasis on the bass in the mix.

Seriously tho, you've done an amazing job in editing and building this video, your effort really shows. Your very talented and you should get yourself a band and get on stage. It sounds fantastic. Thumbs up.

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Freakin' sweet dude! Really digging the guitar tone you're using. Feels really good and really fits the song right. Can't believe that this is all your playing. It's about as close as you can come to flawless! It's always impressive to see someone using their musical talent to the fullest extent. The editing is really great too - really makes the video much more entertaining than it already is. I also visited your channel and watched your 'Downfall of Us All' cover, which was fairly decent. There's definitely a noticeable improvement in both your playing and recording between your ADTR video and this one, so keep it at it dude!

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Very good! Again caw1 has made some superb comments regarding the bass being to present in the mix and the vocals being slightly buried. Other than that very good job on playing and editing the video! (I've been wanting to cover this song for a while but it's not my usual rock, but Bruno mars is an excellent musician and I will do this cover!!)

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