Im thinking about getting a new neck pickup and i cant decide between the seymour duncan sh-2n jazz and the dimarzio evolution. im planning on getting a seymour duncan sh-8 invader as my bridge pickup. if it helps, my rhythm playing style is similar to pantera and metallica, while my soloing is more like avenged sevenfold. so what would be better for that kind of playing style?
I'm really fond of the Jazz in the neck position. I don't have experience with the Evolution so I can't comment on that.
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I would go for a jazz in the neck and you seem to have made up your mind on the invader, but I would go for something along the lines of the Distortion (SH-6) the Distortion/Jazz combo is killer and the Distortion just screams thrash metal. Thats just my opinion
^ +1

i'd have thought the invader would be way too bassy for those type of tones

the '59 is worth considering in the neck, too.

unless you want a higher output pickup there.
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