So my band may be playing a gig at a house party outdoors. My bugera v22 combo amp is loud enough to be heard over drums pretty easily in practice but would it be enough to project 40/50 yards? We can either play on a gazebo or on grass. What are your guys opinions on playing outdoors in general?
Make sure you tape down your drummer's cymbals, especially if it's a windy day. You don't want to be in a situation where the wind blows down your drummer's cymbals.
I would put this in the gg&a. but anyway I would say no, a 22-watt combo amp such as this one would need a backup for this size a gig.
Is that a 1x12? How big of an area are you covering? Is everyone going to be right in front of the band or will they be more spread out?

You might be fine, the real problem being that you sound will be very focused across one part of the audience.

Cheapo solution would be to get an extension cab (assuming) your amp has a jack for it. If there's a musicgoround or something in the area its likely you could find something cheap that would give you more presence.
I think it's a 1 by 12 and people would probably be spread out a bit. If we do it I'll probably be safe and see about borrowing something bigger. This setup kind of seems like a recipe for disaster ecspecially considering its our first gig.
you need a new amp.

But seriously, I suggest you get a head because they are great for all size gigs. They can be pricey though.
What kind of PA support will you have? A guitar amp, as has been said, is very directional. Rather than an additional cab or a new amp, if you can mic your amp, I would. It's much better for the audience (better sound dispersal and control over the mix) and for you (you won't have to push your amp any harder than you're used to, and stage volume will be more reasonable. You'll also sound like you do in rehearsal, which for me anyway, is comforting).

If you can't... well, mention that it's your first gig and most people will be pretty forgiving as long as you're not obnoxiously loud.
The PA we have has two speakers and isn't that powerful. I don't really know much about it because it's not mine. that might be the best option though. We would have to try it out beforehand which we could do because it's a going away party for a friend and it is in the singers backyard