I've been here awhile, and I've never posted a song. So here it goes. A little alternative rock solo effort. Be kind, share some thoughts and I will be glad to return the favor.



"Pain or damage don't end the world nor despair, nor fuckin' beatings. The world ends when you're dead, until then you have more punishment in store. Stand it like a man, and give some back."
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Thanks for the review man, now here's yours:

Very crisp production on the acoustic guitars, sounds good! - What mic did you use to record it?

Vocals were really top notch for this song man, you've really nailed the vocal fry sort of technique and it works well.

With regards to the electric guitars punching in around 1:12, the song would really benefit from having more to it - e.g some drums (even programmed drums would sound alright and can be done quite well!) and some bass as well would really help beef this part up. Of course with all of that put in, you'd bring down the acoustic guitar parts slightly.

Very cool, slick song you've got going - especially with this set up it's something that I can imagine being played with a live band quite well as a semi-electric acoustic band. Interested to hear your vocals in a full band setup.
Cheers for the crit man, love the vocals in this, really raw and, to be honest, exactly what I expected from the song name ahaha, I agree that even some programmed drums would be good, I'd love to hear a properly, band recorded version of this
Thanks for the feedback!

Song itself is pretty cool, you do a great job of keeping it interesting, lyrics are very good too. Nice guitar tones although the acoustic is a little out of tune, the vocals remind me a lot of Jack White. Mix is really good, very raw and in your face yet can hear everything pretty well, could perhaps do with being less compressed in the mastering though. I'd personally add a little delay or reverb to the electric guitar, give it some extra size.
hell yea! wasn't expecting that tone of voice to come in there but in retrospect it fits perfectly. the riff is pure gas and when the gain cuts my eardrums pitter patter in some sweet vibration of ecstasy.