I've just had my Line 6 POD HD500 arrive and contains no instructions (second hand) and was wondering how to connect this to my Line 6 Spider Jam IV. I've read into forums to connect this via the FBV, through the CD/MP3 & Mic inputs to bypass the amps built in effects etc etc and really have no idea what to do.

What is the best way to do this, what cords will I need etc? If someone could talk (well type) me through this, that'd be great.
your probably better off running the spider clean with no fx, then run the pod right to the front of the spider. be sure to run the pod in combo amp mode in the settings. otherwise youll get harsh sounding turds for sound.
CD input then tweak via the HD500 but in front is not wrong, you just have to dial it in with the amp's preamp section on top of your modeler preamp section. In the manual it tells you to make adjustments in the output type, I am sure.
Just plug it into the CD input. It bypasses everything in the Spyder which is what you want.
i just set the amp to clean and all the knobs at noon, the pod takes over from there
If your amp has an AUX in, use that. It'll bypass the preamp.
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