Hey guys, I just finished my first EP(clicky), and I'd love to get some honest feedback. As far as influences go, I've been heavily inspired by Radiohead's In Rainbows, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the Gorillaz. Much thanks, and c4c.
Joey! Watch your speed!
Good Morning, Jingle was interesting, I liked the electronic touches in there. I personally liked It's You and Pour Down were my favorites - the bassline at the beginning of It's You was just fantastic, and Pour Down was catchy and creative, especially the chorus. Pretty Little Runaway was a nice way to slow it down, but one the bit that stood out was the ending (about 3:15 onwards). Real Thing was nice in that it felt like two distinct bits that flowed well, starting mildly then building up. As far as mixing goes, I think the vocals were a bit too quiet, especially on Pour Down and Pretty Little Runaway. Great job man!

I would appreciate a c4c if you get the chance. This is my first original, please be brutally honest with your feedback! :P cheers

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Thank you for the reviews! Now your music: first song: audio quality is quite good. The vocals are often rather quirky, though they fit the song well. I wouldn't say this song is a thing of beauty at times, though I do find it rather amusing & entertaining. It is obvious a lot of work went into that recording: nice! Second song: I think this song has more commercial appeal than the first one, though it still retains some smile-inducing quirkiness. I could easily picture this song in a movie; very good audio quality again. Keep at it, maybe you'll be the next Randy Newman!