guys hi. shit mistakenly deleted the post omggg.

Its been almost 2 years playing.... For bouts 12-13 months i got lessons from a virtuoso(not from skype live). And 7 months ago i quite lessons. For the SAT like exam for college. Anyways... at the 8th month i started to play very fast(for me) and my teacher told me that in no time ill pick faster than him. İts just a psycial thing. And at round 11th to 12 months i saw sth about legato on UG. İ didnt know what it was. İ knew hamer ons pull offs. i asked my teacher he said i didnt show you legato yet. However you are naturally doing it. Well, the problem is... When i play from pinky to index(pinky is 4, index 1 ok.) ist uber fast. İ do circles constantly. Do it virtually. Left hand air pick 4-3-2-1-4-3-2-1. Problem is the otherway round is not fast. 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4 icant make circles ;(. At that time my teacher told me you dont practise well for 1 to 4. Okay. But guys tell me your exps. İs it only me ;(. And i used to play very very fast. now im slower. Very rarely i can go very fast. On chormoatic or scales. Eveyday im playing. Yes super hich action c guitar makes harder with arched back and bend top and neck... Anyways..
Oh i also developed a qist , cist whatever in my middle finger left hand. Before that i was very fast i think. Still there shitty thing..

Ty for advises and personal exp..
1-2-3-4 is harder because all your fingers are falling on the fret board then coming off.

Speed comes with practice, but take care in your practicing don't overdo it. Try incorporating these into songs too, the more you perform the better you will get
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At that time my teacher told me you dont practise well for 1 to 4. Okay.

That would be the main part of the issue there then.

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Oh i also developed a qist , cist whatever in my middle finger left hand. Before that i was very fast i think. Still there shitty thing..

Go to a doctor. Go. Don't ask questions, just go; a cyst can be a serious danger to your health if it goes untreated and bursts.
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Guys, Im on a c guitar. Im planing to buy ibanez af75 or af95. I think it will be 95.
I dont want to buy an amp. Next year im going to buy a strat. Do you like archtops? İs it possb to play below 12th fret like alex akolnick does. And is the acoustic is enough for home playing. TY

About styles , studying:
I like blus,metal,jazz. guys i dont know if u had been through that but, im a lazyass. i can read notes. can say all the notes on fret board, basic theory. 1 3 5, 7,9. Major minor diffrences. The keys and its chords. Well , I dont know modes. But all the time all i did playing scales my teacher showed. 6 scales. well i manged to discover 2 more. 3rd string index finger at root. Anyways, all i did was improvising. Over backing tracks or another guitar player. i can do little jazz in these months(impr). After listening lot ASTrio, jim hall, joe pass etc... Omg they re far far far beyond...(yeah im sun)
my aim is to be able to and do play their songs fully. Also some DT. And metallica stuff. That may take years.
Should i go on method book. One standart. Other is william g. Leave It :P.
Dudes ;(... My rytming is *** up. I can very hardly do odd rytms. Starts at 1, 2,3 and 4. At and like 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 1, at 3 and the notes strat. Song starts at with mutes... I want to play jazz. And improvize chords. Building chords. Oh i also did and do arpeggios with notes and memorizing. Practising slow is hard to catch it...

the speed issue i think will be ok now. At leats i play cleaner. Thats for sure.
And once i wasnt studying teacher told me that if u play 4 hours a day u ll be what you want. but if u play ind stead of studying. U wont get anywhere. Well thats all true i believe. Summer i have lots of time... Be my light.

About doc:
ok thanks. i went to doc. One gave me a medicine, liquid thing. Didnt really work.
Actually guys, you all have a very little bony thing in your fingers. Look at your hand (not palm). ie take midd finger, in left hand, towards the rigth side of the finger, go all down with your right hand finger. between kucles and finger, there's a ball. You have in all your 8 fingers. Same for right hand, left side.

One swelled and hurt. For 1 day. Nex day only pain remained when playing.. noe its only visible if i look hard.

Bytheway: if u feel sudden pain and swelling i the knuckle and finger root :P , do grab some ice and apply it... That what doc said and i didnt know at that time.