I often play thrash metal songs with lots of alternativ picking. I tried to improve my speed and watched a video. In the video the trick was using a hard pick and hold it as soft as possible.
I can play faster now but unfortunatley the sound of my guitar changed and I always hear the scratching of my pick .
When I try a softer pick (0.88) that wasn't the case (at least not that extreme).
If I hold the pick in a diffrent angle I haven't got that problem too.(But I can't pick that fast)
My question is: How can I play as fast as possible but also don't get a scratchy sound?(Is it possible that my thrashy guitar is the problem?)
(Guitar: Harley Benton RX-10 BK Rock Series; Amp: Marshall MG50CFX)

Thanks for answering and greetings from germany

PS: I know that professinal players like James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine, Scott Ian etc. use softer picks I don't know how the do that without getting their picks get caught in their strings.
You should use what you are most COMFORTABLE with. If there are issues in your sound THINK what is making that sound, LOOK at your playing SLOWLY to find what is making that sound then fix it.

There is no quick, profitable way for speed. Focus on your playing and get better. There are NO shortcuts. (I hate being told this but it is true)

My guess is you're getting that sound because something is wrong with your picking OR there is way too much distortion.
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What kind of pick do you use? I tend to get scratchier results when I'm not using a pointy pick.
Thanks for replying
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LOOK at your playing SLOWLY to find what is making that sound then fix it.

I realized that it dosn't make that sound if I don't hold my pick parallel to the strings
But without holding my pick in an angle I can't play fast.
To My Last Words:

I use Dunlop Ultex Hetfield 1.14mm(Hard,Fast,Scratchy)
and also Dulop tortex .88mm(slownly,point)

I expect my guitar having to do something with that ^^