Hi Guys and Girls, Ive just bought myself an old Marshall 8o8o combo for the man cave and have sold the Fender and Epiphons So Cal. The thing that I really need is a bit of a how to in installing a headphone jack and possibly supress the volume a tad. Is the later part of that question possible (don't say volume control lol) or am I living a bit of a pipe dream. I know how to wire in a stereo breaker headphone jack into the output wires to the speaker, that's not the issue, I'm just worried about the difference in impedence from the speaker to the head cans, and the fact that my ears will bleed a little too much if I turn the thing up just a tad... Any help?
Just plug into the line out. Buy a jack adapter if you need one. Then when you turn it on, simply just don't turn the damn thing up to full. Start at zero and be very gentle.