HEY, GUYS. I've been having quite a bit of problems for my battery lately, and i am very worried that whether it is about to go heaven. when first bought, it has 2.5-3 hours battery life while it is just 1 hr now. Sounds crazy, I was doubting that if i have make some mistakes when using the battery. I always leave it in the notebook though the external power adapter is connected,.*Is it safe exactly?*

From technical points of view online, there are three options: 1. remove the battery and only use the ac adapter to power the laptop. 2. only use the battery to keep the laptop work after it is fully charged. 3 leave the battery in all the time even when the ac adapter is connecting. both are fairly reasonable. what option will be the better way? I bought it from a 3rd party website*batterieschargeur.fr and have asked for help, they gave me an uncertain answer.*

Any thoughts? Oh... and sorry for the long post!
Hey there, I'm no expert on PC hardware, but some of these guys are; https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1178317
I've had the same problem with my laptop, now I only use it when plugged in. I figure I should get a new battery at some point.
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Depends how bothered you are.

If you want your battary to last then don't use it fully charged with the AC adapter in aswell. Either take out the battary or take out the power cable. There is no need to have it plugged in when it's fully charged.

Or you could take my girlfriends approach or "I'm never more than an arms length from a plug when I use my laptop" and have it plugged in literally all the time. Her laptop switches off within around 30 seconds of unplugging the AC but the laptop still works fine...unless she wants to use it anywhere other than in her house.
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Charge it up with it on, and then use AC or battery. I confess to leaving my battery in when it's fully charged sometimes. Even so it still has about 1.5 - 2 hours of battery depending on what I'm doing, and it's never had a huge amount more than that.
Um, the other thing you can do is to charge up the notebook's battery when you are not using it, then use either AC or battery when you want to use it. That should help based on it being a good technique for phones and other mobile stuff.