Re-iteration of my thread from Tab Talk, cuz I need help really urgently.

Hello, I need someone who's versed in guitar pro 6 to help me 'clean up' this tab. I essentially need one thing: From bars 1 to 26, I need a multi-rest applied (Ctrl + R). That's it pretty much. I then need you to export it as a PDF file, pls. Cheers.
mortiz score soloflute.gp5

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that file crashes GP6 when I try to open it so yeah that muti-rest isn't gonna happen.
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Why don't you try musescore? It's free and will allow more "orchestral" type functions like the one you're after. It's like a free version of Sibelius. I'm not promoting piracy either since it's given away (although they like donations). It works on all OS.