Hey guys!
I want to do some recording but I'm still looking for the right guitar sound. I think I found it in "Purple Stain" by RHCP:
[forbidden link]
Do you know how to get the sound John uses in the outro? (Starts 2:43)
I'm using a Zoom G2Nu interface, if it helps
Thank you!!
The only necessary effect in there is a bit of wah on one of the guitar parts.
But when I use wah it sounds way "softer" than this... are you sure there's no other effect involved?
(What do you mean by "in ONE of the guitar parts"???
There are multiple guitar tracks going on there. Sounds like at least three to me. There's the most prominent part, there's a slightly higher but similar part with wah, and a doubled part to the lower strummed part, possibly with wah.

I don't know what you mean by softer, but you're not multitracking with a '62 strat and a cranked marshall or three, so yeah, you're not going to get that sound exactly. Chasing studio tones is usually just an exercise in frustration.