Hi! I'm looking for a capo that can be used both as a partial capo and also a full length regular capo, i would like to play songs like rylynn on my acoustic guitar =)

please if you know any capos that can be used both as partial and regular, let me know


NOTE: no spider capos please..
Why are you recreating a thread you already made? You should've just replied to the guys in the other thread saying you don't like that type of capo. That's honestly the best type of partial capo but I know rylynn is hard to play with them due to you needing frets below 5th fret that aren't capo'd. You should just be able to use a regular 6 string capo and only cover the EADG strings to do that song. I've done it myself.
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Judging by the post above me...someone has already recommended you the Spider Capo in a previous thread and you didn't like it?

Whoops didn't see your note.

Looks like you should buy a few capos and cut holes in them or learn to move yours around. Because the spider capo is awesome but I choose not to use it as well.
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