Hey guys, recently I've come to really like Kramer Pacer guitars and I really liked it in pink bengal/tiger.

I've looked everywhere for this guitar and I can only seem to find the vintage tiger.

Here are some pictures of the design I seek.

Notice how in all of the images, Satchel, lead guitarist of Steel Panther, is playing this guitar. Is it a signature design? Will I have to pay for a custom paint job? Any info would be great.

i have a vague recollection of reading somewhere that he got it refinished himself. so yeah you'll most likely either have to make do with the vintage tiger or get it refinished yourself. i'm not sure i'd put that amount of money into a refinish on a fairly cheap guitar, though, i'd rather have a better guitar
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Kramer Guitars is now owned by Gibson, and they don't seem to get a lot of press these days. They still exist, though, and the Pacer is still in their lineup. The Pink and Black tigerstripe finish is probably something they did for a special order.
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