Basically, I need someone who has and uses Sibelius 6 (or whatever version) to help me with finishing a score with some small details, basically some small clean up things. If you can help, I'll message you with the file and instructions for what I need. I must stress this would simply be you helping someone out. Cheers.

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Depending on the amount of work required, I can do this for a very small fee via PayPal. I do score preps professional with Sibelius so I'm confident we can work out whatever you need.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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Helpful as always is The Pit.

I use Sibelius, and luckily enough I too have version 6. I used it throughout my degree so I'm relatively fluent at using it. How much work needs doing?
I use Finale.

I already have it and don't want to dish out 100 bucks for a different program either.... No matter how superior it may be....

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