Ungrateful Deads live performances are so fking good i just cant get enough.
But each one of their studio recordings have been total bullcrap (perhaps shit studio engineer?.
I just dont get it, how can a band be so good live, but suck ass on records?. Your view on this?
I'm not familiar with Ungrateful Dead. Are you referring to a new band, or just Grateful Dead, which sucked both live and in the studio? Their live shows were amazing because of the people and general vibe. If you want to talk about vocal prowess, there are probably other conversations worth having.
LOL! Yeah, you must know of another group of musicians who could play 3000 shows without ever repeating even a single set, all the while performing in front of crowds completely in the now all the while seeking brand new grooves....and making it all danceable to boot! They truly are Jehovah's favorite choir...