The old solo/song of mine that was made for the String insanity competition.
Ibanez rg560-Digitech rp14d-computer, no bass, drums-Groove agent2.
I wouldn't even try to mimic such an incredible player like Dimebag it just turned out that way (in terms of style) except for the tapping part. That was the first time I used 3 fingers of the right hand.

Thank you all!!!

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This is awesome! You have an insane technique and musical taste I'm not surprised that you arrived third at the guitar contest!!!

take a look at my video and tell me what you think (you can skip at 3:05 and only heard the solo). It's not good as yours but I hope you like it; https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=31754368#post31754368

Your solo has the most important thing- the clear concept of what are you trying to say as an opposite to random noodling. I would apply alternate picking with palm muting to the first lick starting at 3:07 and maybe even squeeze in some more notes if possible to make it faster and more aggressive.