Alright, so any group that gets popular is going to have its haters.

The Nickelback/Creed corpsbeaters have certainly have their fun... but who is the most popular, least hated band of all time?

I'll throw Zep into the mix, but I'm curious what you think.
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
Iron Maiden
The Smiths
The Dead Kennedys
Bad Religion
Black Flag
The Misfits
The Sex Pistols
The Ramones
Not a bad list. Maybe U2? I know they have their haters as well, but considering their global popularity and length of their career, I'd say they've had a pretty fine run.
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I have yet to come across any haters of Muse.

I know a lot of people who really hate Muse.

I'm not seeing any band in here that's not hated by someone I know. They're mostly bands that all Rock fans like.
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Pink Floyd. I can't recall meeting anyone who hates them. Led Zeppelin has a lot of haters believe it or not. I know plenty of U2 haters and Muse. I'm not a fan of Muse, not a hater, but not a fan.
Alice in Chains. Thankfully, because they are my favorite band.

And for the record, Nickelback and Creed deserve the hate for their corporate manufactured sound and lyrics.
Though technically not a group, i would go with Stevie Ray Vaughan. A lot of people despise his legions of imitators, but he himself is regarded as almost a holy figure in the world of blues and of guitar.
Not sure if Nine inch nails is that popular. But they have very less haters.
Quote by ElliotGaynon
I have yet to come across any haters of Muse.
have you been living under a rock
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The Beatles, surely? I love the Beatles, but people who allow absolutely no criticism of them at all frustrate the hell out of me.

Or maybe the Stones?

I know plenty of people who don't like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath etc.
If you hate Blind Guardian you're a bad person.
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The Beatles probably although there are some quarters where people like to knock them. Why I don't know, probably because it's become fashionable.

Pink Floyd also seem widely revered.

I suppose a more pertinent question is which band isn't hated enough? Who should be hated but is not? Hmm well I don't see Red Hot Chili Peppers getting the stick they deserve, or nothing acts like Mumford and Sons.