I'm trying to start a band but pretty much everyone here doesn't like the music I want to do and if they do, they don't know how to play an instrument. I've been looking for a long time and just decided to try the internet to find someone.

I am a bass player so we've got that covered. My friend said he was going to pick up the drums. Now we need the rest of the band.

Music influence:
Of Mice & Men
(old) Memphis May Fire
Bring Me The Horizon
For All Those Sleeping

You can talk to me about bands you might want to sound like. I like a LOT of different bands so just ask, it's not really limited to those four.

So I'd like to see how good you are first so I can give you my Skype/Oovoo and you can show me.

I'm a pretty good bass player if you're wondering, I can learn things pretty quick if I need to.

Also, if you live farther away than we can try and talk, see if there's something we could do.