hiya everyone

i have a problem with my tone, when i record myself and listen back my tone isnt good at all its too thick and dark, my tone lacks brightness and i read that tone should ring but mine doesnt so does anyone now any tips, techniques and exercises that could help me brighten my tone.

my second problem is projection ive read alot about projection but nearly everyone just says sing from your diaphgram but that doesnt really help and if i try to sing louder and project my voice doesnt sound good and sounds like shouting it only sounds good quiet does anyone know how i can project better and sing louder and at the same time not sound like im shouting

so overall does anyone have any tips,techniques or exercises for brightening tone,thinning out voice and projecting

for example how christina grimmie projects and sounds bright and also how her voice is thin and not thick in her titanium video
It might just be your voice. Projection doesn't come from volume, it comes from support (I'm coming at this from a wind instrument point of view. Not much of a vocalist). Sing without diaphragm support and record it then do it again with support. If you don't hear a difference, you might want to try reevaluating your technique.

I'm pretty sure volume and tone come with practice. You're going to sound bad at first. I've been singing in my car for about two years. Singing where I actually think about how I'm singing and support. I've improved a ton from where I was but I went from not sounding like I was singing at all to sounding like bad singing. Still an improvement. Make sure your open your mouth enough too.
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thank you for your help i cn sing with diphgram but just learning how to remeber to sing with my diapgram when performing a song which im gonna work on
If you are a beginner it honestly sounds weird if your tone is too dark. For most it gets really bright as they strain to reach higher notes and they're trying to darken and thicken it. Are you sure that's the real problem? Post a recording.

When you sound like you're shouting you're probably singing somewhere near your bridge where your voice cracks as you ascend. It's hard to describe it in a few words (many people struggle with that whole years) but you eventually have to transition to head voice. And singing while supporting with the diaphragm doesn't necessarily mean singing extremely loudly.

There is no single tip to help you, what you're asking is basically "How do I learn to sing?". So get some lessons, books, whatever is available.
head voice is restricted when the singer connects their head voice too much with their throat rather than the hard palate and when they make their voice too wide. do the opposite of that to get a good clear sound.

If you have a low voice and are trying to sing pop music, its not uncommon to sound too rough. try singing with a lowered sound first to hear your natural voice, then sing with a completely open / nerdy sound to hear your upper voice. You want to try and consolidate everything to your upper voice and avoid your tone dropping back into your lower voice.

You want to avoid a chest voice that sounds too rough and you want your head voice to slowly swell into a mature sound.
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